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We would like to especially thank those who have responded positively to our requests. They provided us many details and insights that have enabled us to better address and understand our subject. THANK YOU

Jean LILENSTEN : Jean Lilensten is an astronomer and planetary scientist working at the French Institute of Planetology and Astrophysics of Grenoble (IPAG). He is an expert in solar activity and its impact on the solar system’s planets. Research Director at CNRS, Jean Lilensten is a space weather pioneer in France and Europe. He was involved in a number of exploration campaigns in Lapland to study the aurora. His auroral simulator scientific study has earned him several awards such as the European Europlanet prize (2010) and the « Taste of Science» award from the Ministry of Tertiary Education and Research in the Communicating Scientists category (2012).

We have been in touch with Mr. Lilensten since November 2015. He has brought us many details by email and during phone interviews. He also provided a wide range of documents about our subject.

Frédéric PITOUT : Frederic Pitout is a research professor at the Midi-Pyrénées observatory of Toulouse. He led numerous research works about space weather and solar storms.

We approached him in February 2016. He enlightened us in certain fields and especially in our work review (written records).

Thomas BERGER : Thomas Berger is the Director of the SWPC organism for one year and half, which goal is to control and forecast sun activity and therefore of the space weather. He has a degree in solar physics and has been working in this area for over fifteen years.

We decided to consult him for more details about the means used in the prediction and protection of the solar storms framework. He also provided us with several documents detailing the action plans implemented by the United States.

Chloe PUGH : Chloe Pugh is a physics PhD student at the fusion, space and astrophysics research center at the University of Warwick in the UK.

Following our request, she sent us information about GIC (geo-magnetically induced current)

Michael BRUCH : Michael Bruch is working in Germany for the Allianz insurance group. He participated in researches conducted by this company on solar storms and space weather.

We exchanged with him to get information about the company’s as well as his motivation to be interested in this subject.

We also wish to thank the teaching staff who has supervised us and accompanied us since September 2015, and particularly Mrs D. GALLICE and Mrs C. GANDON.